The Best Way to Store Your Expensive Cards

One of the most important factors to consider when storing your card collection is the condition. If they are stored in an environment that is too humid or too hot, their condition may suffer. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade the colors and damage the condition of the cards. To protect your collection, you can consider putting them in an archival-quality sleeve. Listed below are some of the best storage options for your expensive cards.

Organize your collection in broad categories. First, determine the type of trading card that you have. Most card brands have categories for collectors to follow. Once you have a list of your cards, you can organize them accordingly. You can use alphabetical or numerical ordering within each category. Having a definite order of your cards will make it easier for you to sell your collection when the time comes. You can even use sticky tabs to organize the cards in your binder.

Invest in a sleeve to protect your valuable cards. A sleeve will provide basic protection against nicks, scratches, and other damage. However, heavy-duty sleeve options can be purchased from Dragon Shields and Ultra Pro. The latter type of sleeve allows you to double-sleeve your cards for maximum protection. By doing so, you’ll protect the card from all sides, and prevent external elements from touching the card.

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