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The Wild and Scenic Rockies of Colorado is a must-see if you are into backpacking Serieswiggersventurebeat, historic architecture, or nature. The high altitude, dry air, and rich soil make this State an extremely popular destination for backcountry travelers seeking to experience the beauty of nature. From The Rocky Mountains to the US-Border, these areas offer a variety of unique backpacking opportunities – from breathtaking vistas to remote orchards where you can see animals for free. Here we have listed some recommended visits for this category.

The High Plains of South America

This is the only category of backpacking trips we have included in this list. The High Plains of South America make for some of the most unique and beautiful backpacking opportunities on the planet. From dense forests to volcanic outcrops, this is a place to experience nature at its most natural state. The northern reaches of the region are home to the Francisco deozdo, one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests; however, even in this part of the world there are efforts to save this critically endangered species.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for backpackers of all ages – but especially for parents. The canyon is truly an experience to be savored. You can either drive or take what’s left of the human race to this iconic spot in the American desert. You can actually visit the canyon in our lifetime, as it will be the third and final chapter of the “The Great American Desert”, the remaining 66.6 percent of the continental US still unoccupied.

Bouldercrossing in the Rockies

Bouldercrossing in the Rockies is a backpacking experience for all types of backpackers. This is the most popular backpacking tour in the US, and as such, there are many opportunities to experience this incredible region at this popular entry-level tour level. If you are looking for a backpacking experience that is both physically and mentally challenging, then Bouldercrossing in the Rockies is for you.

One of the best places for backcountry skiing

Last, but not least, is to explore the backcountry skiing at our favorite ski area in the world, Lake Placid. With 1,000 acres of snow-free ground, this is one of the most popular skiing areas in the world, and there are many opportunities to experience skiing at this very popular resort. There are many beginner and advanced skis, and even advanced snowboarding can be enjoyed here at Lake Placid’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced circuits.

Backpacking in the High Plains

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the backpacking opportunities in the High Plains. The High Plains of South America is a great place to start for backcountry skiers because the region is largely all snow with a few patches of alpine meadows thrown in for variety. This means the snow Buxic and alpine diversity is very basic and easy for backcountry skiers to pick up on. Give the High Plains a try – you’ll be excited to discover how your backcountry skiing skills come into play here.

Exploring the Colorado Front Range

The Colorado Front Range is a great place to start for hiking and exploring the scenic mountains. From the famous Highline Drive to the spectacular Cabela’s and the Hoover Dam, this range is an ideal place to start your tour of the United States. It is also very similar in both landscape and culture to the rest of the western US. Give the Front Range a try – it’s not very challenging and you’re in for some truly amazing backcountry skiing at this popular introduction to the American West.

Beaches and Swimming Pools in the Rocky Mountains

The High Plains has a few beaches and swimming pools that are good for a day trip or two, but the most popular is probably the beautiful and unspoiled Redwoods. This is a place you want to go to for a day trip or two, and you’re in for a great time if you choose to stay in the Redwoods. Being located in the heart of the American West, the Redwoods are incredibly majestic and offer a beautifully serene setting for your day trip or two.


The high plains of South America are some of the most amazing backpacking opportunities in the world. With mountains up and down the route and plenty of water, you can experience nature at its most natural state. The Grand Canyon is another great example of a landscape that is both basic and easy to pick up on. You can experience the basic landscape at your own pace, and the parts you want to explore will come into play when you are ready to tackle them. The High Plains of South America offer a good mix of nature at its most basic level, and also a few spots where you are able to experience a bit of culture and landscape. The most popular backpacking tour in the world is the Grand Canyon, but other places are also available, including the High Plains. With so many great places to visit, you’re guaranteed to be challenged and challenged again.

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