Can Muslims Be Fashion Designers?

A Swedish-born fashion designer who identifies as cross-cultural, Iman Aldebe started her career designing turbans to make Muslim dress less conspicuous in western countries, where there is a newsurl perception that Muslim dress is offensive. In 2011, she designed the first Swedish Police uniform with a hijab hat and has continued to produce culturally mobile pieces.

This video, produced by two white male film-makers and featuring Muslim women leaders, explores the ways that Muslim women work and play to negotiate their identities as Muslim newsglo women. It shows that Muslim women can successfully mix and mingle with men and educates white men about the ways in which Muslim femininity is understood. The video is a powerful example of a woman’s power over her faith and gender to make a difference in the world.

The exhibit also pseudo showcases the work of more established fashion designers, but is not exclusively about modest fashion. Contemporary Muslim Fashions highlights the creativity, modernity, chic, and playfulness of modest fashion. The exhibit’s design aesthetic also transcends geographic and cultural boundaries and highlights the diversity of Muslim fashion.

In addition to fashion, Muslim savetoby women are actively involved in social activism. Through Sisterhood Magazine, they have used their platforms to advocate for feminist causes, social webvan cohesion, and LGBTQI + rights. Torkia also produced a series of short films for the British Broadcast Corporation called #YourAverageMuslim that features women leaders in various fields.

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